• Swiss Barista
    2 years ago
    This company deserves the all 5 stars! Great communication and very helpful! The team is very quick and responding. I would recommend PromoCups company to the whole HORECA sector! Definitively to work...
  • ErhanDizbay.Coffee
    4 years ago
    Those guys are Fantastic!!! Good job quick delivery and very flexible as far they can...
  • Ibrahim Ekinci
    4 months ago
    Nice company with helpful employees. Happy to help you. Ordered today and the cups arrived in no time. Thanks again
  • Lars Holm
    4 years ago
    Good price and good quality. Ordered 600 hard plastic cups. Delivery time would be six weeks (properly stated in advance), and that was no problem for us. Finally received a nice product after 4...
  • Puck Kemper
    4 years ago
    Great collaboration, good communication and a top product delivered. Very customer friendly and we received a nice sample package for the cups. Unfortunately, delivery took a little longer due to a...

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